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Our Story

   Using The Healing Power of Nature  

Family, Passion, Healing. Three words that describe the values behind the Healing Essence Company and its two owners. Dr. Giovanni Nelson and Dr. Pamela Santapaola started this company's creative process and development while in medical school after discovering and witnessing the power herbs have on the human body. This company aims to help people achieve long-term balance both physically and mentally. Everything we do, we do to help people heal. 


This company focuses on medicinal tea blends and physician-grade supplements. Each tea blend and supplement is doctor-formulated using specific herbs and nutrients tailored to support the variability of humanity. Our ultimate goal is to support optimum nourishment and healing.

We choose to let nature inspire us, allow the wisdom of our ancestors to guide us, and follow the rigor of science/medicine for safety. 

For more information about Dr. Nelson and Dr. Pam or if you would like us to have a more direct role in your healthcare. Visit our practice site

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